This is a story about our little prince, "Jonathan Wang Jian", a handsome little boy, who lives far away in Inner Mongolia, China; bordering the mountains, grasslands and the Gobi desert. It is a story of a young boy, who plays and lives amongst his friends and nannies...........................the only family he has ever known. This is a story of a sweet, intelligent boy, born with bilateral foot differences.....yet determined to walk and run.......his little feet likely the reason he was orphaned. This story includes the sad reality that in many countries, birth families are frequently unable to provide the medical and rehabilitative care thier babies will need to lead independent lives. This is our heartfelt compassion for the selfless birth parents, who face the greatest pain they will ever know........ to relinquish themselves as parents so their tiny babies can get the desperate care they need. These are our unspoken prayers to every birth family who aches. ...... And this is a story of our brave little " Mongolian Warrior Prince", who leaves his own set of unique footprints............ just beyond the Great Wall.

Dear Little Jonathan Wang Jian, we dream of the day we can hold you in our arms and call you our forever son. By the grace of God, you will soon know what it means to have a family of your very own.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


We arrived at the airport on time, and our family was a very welcome sight. I was so tired, but so delighted to watch my children flock around Wang Jian. For a first, my parents were also able to be present for our airport arrival. We have been using our Chinese to communicate with Wang Jian, so he has not begun to pick up English as quickly as the other two. I love to hear him chatter away in Mandarin, and will be sad when he loses his mother tongue. Wang Jian has become the hit of the neighborhood. Two nights ago, we stayed outside with our good neighbors, eating ice-cream. The older kids took him by the hand and taught him how to catch fire flies and to play dark tag. Our home feels so complete now. I go down the hall to Bobby's bedroom and he's fast asleep with loyal Sunny at his bedside. Suvineers from our China trip lay carefully on his night stand. I watch and wonder of his dreams.....dreams of a brother playing cars, shooting basketball, and a walk to the park. Bobby is slow to speak, but the smile is there as he watches his new baby brother. I walk a little further and can still smell fresh paint and new wood, from the new addition Steve painstankly built. It was made to double the size of the girls bedroom, since they would be moving in together. But alas; the whimsically painted walls, and the carefully thought out decor remains vacant of any sleeping daughters tonight. I tiptoe across the hall to see both girls snuggled closely around their baby brother.....all three in one bed. Ahhhhhh home.....hello Bluegrass. I go to bed on this night and think of the possibilities our son will attain. He is a fighter.....a survivor, yet a gentle, happy soul. He does not allow his differences to be his "handicap". It will be a blessing to watch his unique set of footprints and all that he accomplishes, throughout our changing lives. God bless this chapter..............

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